VIDEO: Toilet Cleaner – Jobs on the road

August 12th, 2010 in Articles by Paul 11

I never thought I’d be cleaning toilets at my age with my skill set.  I also never thought that I would ever write, record and then shoot a music video for a rap song.  Somehow my new profession sparked some deep seated desire to bust out some rhymes and show my street cred.  Maybe it’s because creative expression makes life more bearable.  Maybe I’ve always needed to release that inner Beastie Boy.  Maybe, just maybe, I wanted to make as many people laugh as possible at my expense.

Hitch HikingAnyone who has been on the road traveling knows that there is a delicate balance between cash flow, continued travel and that ever impending return flight home.  You do what you have to to survive and keep that bank account in the black.  That means taking any job that is offered to you — ANY job.  Of course, we all would love to be the cool guy serving drinks behind the bar at the local hotspot, or making cappuccinos in the trendiest café, but the reality is that when you need money to keep going you have to take it anywhere you can get it.  So when I was offered a housekeeping job at a hotel, with a secondary position as a waiter in the restaurant, my answer was “Yes, when do I start?”  And so should yours.