VIDEO: New Zealand Hyperlapse – A road trip at warp speed

December 1st, 2013 in Articles by Paul 0

This video was part of my experimental works for my masters in visual arts. Inspired by the innovative genius of Teehan+Lax Labs ( and their Google Street View Hyperlapse (, I decided to take a warp speed road trip around New Zealand. In some ways this is a reflection of spending my first year traveling […]


VIDEO: Just Jump! The work abroad NZ experience!

September 17th, 2010 in Articles by Paul 1

I cut this video as a submission for a video contest about the work abroad experience.  The challenge?  How to cram in 7 months of footage and experiences into 3 minutes!  Lots of good stuff had to be left out, but I think that the essence of our travels, our mentalities and our appreciation for […]


VIDEO: Toilet Cleaner – Jobs on the road

August 12th, 2010 in Articles by Paul 11

I never thought I’d be cleaning toilets at my age with my skill set.  I also never thought that I would ever write, record and then shoot a music video for a rap song.  Somehow my new profession sparked some deep seated desire to bust out some rhymes and show my street cred.  Maybe it’s […]


VIDEO: Becoming the Immigrant Workforce II – From riches to rags

July 17th, 2010 in Articles by Paul 2

It can be a bit of a challenge, at times, to find casual work in New Zealand.  With the current state of the world economy, not only are you competing with hundreds of other working holiday makers, but also plenty of locals, who are now applying for jobs that they may not have been interested […]


My Leap of Faith: Skydiving in New Zealand

June 6th, 2010 in Articles by cee 3

Seeing as though New Zealand is known as the adventure capital of the world, I knew I had to try some sort of extreme sport while we were traveling here. I’ve always wanted to skydive, but being such an expensive activity back home in the USA, I’d never gotten around to trying it. I decided […]


VIDEO: Rere Falls Natural Rock Water Slide

April 28th, 2010 in Articles by Paul 0

Rere Falls is a naturally formed rock water slide located about 50 min. from Gisborne.  The Wharekopae river flows down a rock face and into a nice swimming hole at the bottom.  You can use tubes, boogie boards or anything else you can get your hands on to slide down.  If you’re feeling brave you […]


VIDEO: Fire blazes near Kerikeri vineyard!

March 20th, 2010 in Articles by Paul 2

We began to smell smoke around lunchtime while we were going about our daily work on the vineyard. It seemed strange for someone to be burning brush on such a windy day, but we didn’t think much of it at the time. In fact, it almost had that comforting camp fire smell. We had no […]


VIDEO: Stony Batter – Waiheke Island

March 17th, 2010 in Articles by Paul 1

Stony Batter on Waiheke Island, New Zealand, is an old WWII gun emplacement designed to defend Auckland from the Japanese.  The site contains a maze of underground tunnels that linked the gun turrets on the surrounding hills.  While the tunnels themselves aren’t overly exciting, history and WWII buffs will find it interesting, and children will […]