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April 28th, 2012 in Articles by Paul 0

It’s been over a year of radio silence.  The Vagabonds have, unfortunately, become contributing members of society, albeit in two different countries other than their homeland, which is no small task.  I guess reality eventually has to settle in.  Traveling friends go home to work, to study, to marry…  One slowly settles into a daily routine.  While the thrill of the New is always alluring, always calling, it is actually nice to have a space of your own once again, if only to regroup and get your bearings. It’s nice to see the same smiling face every day. Oh, and it was a relief to pay off the accumulated credit card debt as well.

We have been lucky really. Saying you want to find a ‘proper job’ in a foreign country, and secure all of the necessary visas to do so is a constant uphill battle. We are still the immigrant workforce. I have absolute respect and admiration for the immigrants from ‘less fortunate’ countries, and especially the highly skilled workforce of other countries whose credentials aren’t of a ‘high enough standard’ to be recognized. I still fondly remember the engineer who I cleaned toilets with side by side. I’m sure there are plenty of talented people who struggle daily to survive, and provide for their families by taking work well beneath them.

Here is a modest peak into our humble abode and the town we currently call home, Hamilton, New Zealand. While it’s taken me ages to actually cut this quick piece, when I watch it I actually think, “Hey, I wouldn’t mind living there!” One of our favorite getaways, Raglan, makes a cameo at the end. We are happy to have such wonderful places on our doorstep.

We are lucky. We are fortunate. No matter where we hang our hat, we are loved.

Here’s to a hopeful rejuvenation of Illuminated Vagabond in 2012!

Paul and Angela

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