We Used To Vacation… (Vacation vs Travel)

November 5th, 2010 in Articles by cee 0

There are distinct differences between vacation and travel…

Growing up, I was fortunate to see much of my own country on family vacations, as well as trips to the Caribbean and other close-to-home locations. It served as a base for my future urges to travel to more distant and culturally diverse places. Now that I’ve started traveling as an adult, where I get to choose my experiences and direction, I can see the difference between my current experiences vs those I had on “vacations”:

Vacation is: 5 star all-inclusive hotel.

Travel is: living in your car, in a tent under the stars, with a family whom you’ve just spent the day working beside, or in a hostel staying up late discussing world issues with people from around the world.

Vacation is: Pre-planned itineraries, toilet breaks and 5 minute photo ops.

Travel is: …”So what do we want to do today?” (an open book full of possibilities).

Vacation is: Checking out and tuning out… if even just for a few days.

Travel is: Chasing after new experiences and opening our minds… our receptors on full alert.

Vacation is: Following maps and collecting brochures.

Travel is: Letting fate be your guide, and going with the flow.

… I could go on and on.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time for vacation and a time for travel. It’s just interesting to note the difference…

– Christina