Burgerfuel – Why fast food doesn’t have to suck!

February 24th, 2010 in Articles by Paul 1
Burgerfuel - Parnell, Auckland

These days, no matter where you travel you are likely to see the same old stale fast food chains lining every main drag of most cities.  In fact, it’s nearly impossible to escape the looming neon glow of McDonald’s, KFC and Dunkin Donuts.  If you’re one of those people who just can’t live without your cup of overpriced Starbucks coffee, when all the locals know that the best café con leche is right around the corner, that’s perfectly fine.  But the whole reason of traveling to new places is to try something new.  Isn’t it?  If you find you don’t like something you try, the golden arches will always be waiting for you.

Enter Burgerfuel.  New Zealand’s answer to fast food dining center’s around, well, burgers.  But not just any burgers, and not just beef burgers either.  In fact, what prompted us to eat here was their selection of vege-burgers.  That’s right, selection of vege-burgers.  Burgerfuel has an entire section of their menu dedicated to Vegans/Vegetarians, and they cook them separately so you don’t even have to ask them to.  They also have gluten free buns on request for those with food sensitivities.  I opted for the “Beetnik“:  a mushroom, kumara, chickpea and basil pattie with beetroot, melted cheddar, salad, relish and aioli on a whole grain bun.  We also got an order of kumara fries (the New Zealand version of sweet potato) served with a side of aioli.  The taste combinations were “sweet as bro” (awesome).  You’ll probably find yourself using Burgerfuel’s patented cardboard burger holder, or Doofer, to keep your burger together as you eat it.  It doesn’t mean you won’t get your fingers dirty, but I’d have to say it’s quite a handy device.

Burgerfuel MenuDoes this all sound too healthy for you?  Then maybe you’ll want to try the “Bastard“, a 1/3 pound beef pattie, bacon, melted cheddar, beetroot, mango, avocado, salad, relish and aioli on a whole grain bun.  Top that off with a malted shake (soy shakes are also available) and some more kumara fries, and that boring old Big Mac will be begging for mercy.  They also have a selection of chicken “burgers” all based around a butterflied grilled chicken breast.  Portions are well sized, if not huge in some cases, and the menu has enough variety to please almost anyone.  If you’re still hungry when you’re finished, you can indulge by trying one of Burgerfuel’s own ice creams like “Cold Schnapps“:  soulful white chocolate blended with cinnamon schnapps and roasted peanuts.

If you need to grab a quick bite, but don’t want your taste buds to suffer, Burgerfuel won’t disappoint.

Check out the menu or find the closest location at www.burgerfuel.com.