Christina’s Pics

Revisiting friends and coast in the rugged west of the South Island.

Seals, Mountains and Ocean...

A quick visit to the largest city on the South Island, recently ravaged by earthquakes.

A geothermal melting pot of geysers, acid lakes, craters and all sorts of colorful volcanic displays. (Just don\'t be offended by the rotten egg smell from all the sulphur in the air!)

A Victorian harbour-side town on the East Coast of the South Island.

The less explored side of NZ, full of Maori history.

Stars and Moon photos with the help of Fraser Gunn on the Earth & Sky tour at Mt John Observatory in Lake Tekapo.

Hiking through Mordor past Mt Doom (Aka: Mt Ngauruhoe). Both Mt Ngauruhoe & Mt Ruapehu are still very active volcanoes!

A magical place where the Tasman Sea meets rainforests, which rise up to meet glacial mountain ranges.

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