VIDEO: Sandboarding the Te Paki Sand Dunes

June 7th, 2010 in Articles by Paul 0

What else can you do with a boogie board in New Zealand?  Head to the Te Paki sand dunes on your way to Cape Reinga for some sandboarding fun down the steep slopes.  If you have your own board, you can start the arduous climb right away.  Otherwise, you’ll have to rent one on your way or just before the dunes near the quicksand road to Ninety Mile Beach.  Check with your hostel or other accommodation  to see if they have anything you can borrow for free.

After you get over your fear of getting sand burns on your feet, get ready for some quick fun.  Climbing back up the sand dunes for another go, however, will have you tired out after a few rides.  Keep your feet up to gain maximum speed, or leave them down and use for steering and speed control.  Whether you’re a speed demon or a bit on the cautious side, you’re sure to have a blast.